Hajipur pul ki lambai

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Gandhi Setu

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United States.Fairs and Festivals. Chhath Sonepur Fair. Travel Tips. Art and Crafts. Madhubani Paintings Patna Kalam. Gandhi Setu, built on River Ganges, is the longest bridge in the world. Read more on the Mahatma Gandhi Setu below.

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Recommend This Site. Gandhi Setu was built to connect Patna with Hajipur. The bridge also connects north and south Bihar. The bridge is meters in length and the longest in the world. Gandhi Setu has helped in better traffic management and speedy transportation in the entire region.

Mahatma Gandhi Setu stands on forty piers and for better navigational purposes the span arrangement has been done in such a manner that it does not affect the movement of ships and big boats. To accommodate free movement of ships, height has been kept optimum except for the last few spans on the Hajipur side, which covers a length of m.

An excellent specimen of better plan and execution, Gandhi Setu has served an example. Hotel Maurya Patna. Hotel Chanakya. Hotel Patliputra Ashok. Hotel Samrat International. Hotel Republic. Hotel Windsor. Report typo or correction. Buddhist Pilgrimage. Buddhism Pilgrimage.

Buddhist Package. International Holidays. Follow us on Facebook. Hotels in Patna.The bridge was approved by the Central Government in and built by Gammon India Limited over a period of ten years, from to Since then, the Vikramshila Setu has also been built across the Ganges.

Two more rail-cum-road bridges are currently under construction, between Digha and Sonepur [7] and at Munger. The bridge consists of 45 intermediate spans of These lanes are free from each other with no connections. It was constructed using 3-metre 9. The spans are connected with a protrusion which is free to move longitudinally. Vertical movement allows for vibrations from vehicular movement to transfer smoothly between spans without much discreteness.

In recent decades, the bridge has experienced major traffic chaos due to the increasing number of vehicles crossing it, operating in excess of capacity and overloading the structure.

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The Bihar government has planned to build two pontoon bridges parallel to it, in order to relieve these problems. Claims and bills got referred to the Law Department. The bridge has often been subjected to structural loads and moving loads exceeding its design. Poor maintenance, coupled with wear and tear caused by the unprecedented surge in traffic, has made the structure vulnerable. Other bridges in India which were built with the same cantilever design have developed cracks. Investigations into the fissures developed in the bridge revealed the following defects: hammering at the hinges when vehicles plied; finger-type expansion joints in an advanced state of distress; wearing coat cracks; spilling of concrete at transverse joints; longitudinal cracks in precast segments; leakage of water inside the box girder from joints between segments and from holes provided for lifting the segments.

Mahatma Gandhi Setu is now being dismantled. They are acting like de-bonded tendons. There is minimal stress left. That is why external pre-stressing made later could not make up the stresses lost. Even cables do not conform to the as-built drawings submitted. All as-built drawings say how improper the design was. Providing central hinge bearing may not have given so much of adverse effect as the problems cited above.

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hajipur pul ki lambai

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This article is written like a personal reflection, personal essay, or argumentative essay that states a Wikipedia editor's personal feelings or presents an original argument about a topic. Please help improve it by rewriting it in an encyclopedic style.Hajipur is the 10th leading city and 17th most populous city of Bihar, making it the second-fastest developing city, next to Patna. It had a total population of 1. Vaishali district [12] is ranked 8th on a list of 38 districts in Bihar in terms of growth.

The city is known for cultivating bananas. The Ganges river separates the city of Patna and Hajipur. There have been an another bridge known as Digha Pool which connects the river gandak and Ganga and narrows the distance between hajipur and Patna There have been plans to expand Patna to Greater Patna, by absorbing Hajipur and other surrounding towns into it.

The area of Hajipur city is spread across The city has been divided into 39 wards. In the ancient time, it was known as Ukkacala and was the first village to come after crossing River Ganges at Patna.

The village of Hajipur gained significance, as it was the venue of one of the discourses given by Lord Buddha. Along with that, it is also of interest because a portion of Ananda 's ashes were enshrined in the town, the closest disciple of Lord Buddha.

hajipur pul ki lambai

Ananda acted as the Buddha's personal attendant for twenty years and outlived him by several decades. Hajipur figures conspicuously in the history of struggles between Akbar and the rebellious Afghan karrani rulers of Bengal. Hajipur Vaishali finds its origin way back in history from the Mahabharata period. It is the place where Lord Mahavir took birth and Gautam Buddha delivered his last sermon and announced his Parinirvana.

Hajipur is the headquarters of Vaishali after its separation from Muzaffarpur district on 12 October The Hajipur city is bounded by Narayani Gandak river in the west and holy Ganges in the south. A good network of rail, road and water transport exists in the city, connecting it with other parts of the district as well as state and country. Mahatma Gandhi Setu 5, m long, prestressed box culvert type RCC bridge over river Ganges connects it with Patna, [25] the state capital, while another rail and road bridge over Gandak connects it with Sonepur.

The plain terrain of the city and its nearby area is famous for banana, litchi and mango plantations. The region looks green with plants and trees growing in semi- tropical monsoon climate.

However, the months of May—June are hot, and December—January is cold. The climate is warm and temperate in Hajipur.

hajipur pul ki lambai

The temperature here averages The warmest month of the year is May, with an average temperature of January has the lowest average temperature of the year is During the year, the average temperatures vary by Culturally and linguistically, Hajipur is similar to that of Patna. As per census Hajipur city has a population ofout of which males were 78, and females were 69, The literacy rate was In Hajipur, The sex ratio of females per 1, males was lower than the national average of Hindi is the main language of the city, understood and spoken by almost everyone in the city.

The economy of Hajipur is largely service orientated, but it also has an agricultural base and industrial sector. It is also the headquarters of eastern indian railway As ofthere are several upcoming construction projects from private and public sectors with three new bridges connecting to Patna. As per local folklore, it is said to have been in existence since Ramayana period and Lord Shri Ram is believed to have visited this place on his way to Janakpur, where his footprints are worshiped.

The Ramchaura Mandir has tradition of celebrating Rama Navami, the birth anniversary of Rama, every year.Bharat me kai nadiya hai par Kya aap jante bharat ki sabse lambi nadi koun si hai. Iski lambai kitni hai, Yah kaha se niklati hai, kitne desho me se hokar gujrati hai. Yha par kai nadiya jaise ganga, yamuna, sarswati, Brahmaputra, sidhu, aadi mukhya river hai.

Inhi me se ek bharat ki sabse long nadi hai jiska naam kya hai iske baare me hum janege. River name — Ganga Length — k. Bharat ki sabse lambi nadi ganga hai jiski kul lambai kilometer hai iska udgam place bharat ke north me sthith rajya uttrakhand se hota hai. Ganga nadi Bharat ki sabse lambi river hai.

Kai century se yah kishano ko sichai me apna yogdan deti aayi hai. In cities se gujrat huye yah ganga nadi Bharat se Bangladesh me Pravesh karti huyi bay of bangal matlab bangal ki khadi me jakar milti hai. Ganga nadi ki main sahayak nadiyon ke naam Yamuna, ramganga, Ghagra, gandak, Kosi, Mahanadi, aur son hai.

Bharat ki dusri sabse lambi Nadi Ka Naam Godavari hai jiski kul lambai kilomitar hai. Yah ganga nadi bharat ki sabse lambi nadi hai log ise ganga mata ke naam se jante hai. Iski god ki tarah pooja ki jati hai. Har pavitra kaam iske jal ka use karte hai. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

Notify me of new posts by email. Bharat ki sabse lambi nadi ke baare me jankari — River name — Ganga Length — k. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Join My YouTube Channel.Hajipur Bhaarat ki sansadeeya vyavastha ke antargat ek Loksabha kshetr bhi hai. Nepal ki taraai se ganga ke beech faili bhoomi par vajjisangh dvaara ganataantrik shaasan vyavastha ki shurooaat ki gayi thi. Bhagwan buddh ke sabse priya shishya aanand ki pavitra asthiyaaain is shahar puraana naam- uchchakala mein jameendoj hai.

May-June mein 'loo' ka chalana tatha December-January ke maheenon mein 'sheetalahar' ka prakop aamtaur par dekha jaata hai.

Hajipur ko Patna se relamaarg dvaara jodne ke liye gangaanadi par pul ka nirmaan ho chuka hai aur relon ka aavaagaman bhi ho raha hai. Patna, paataliputr jankshan se pahaleja baraasta sonapur tatha Hajipur ki or rel maarg dvaara aaya-jaaya ja sakta hai. Hajipur nagar kshetr 39 wardon mein bainta hai. Hajipur railway station ke sameep sthit gaaaindhi aashram mahaatma gaaaindhi ke teen baar Hajipur padhaarane ke dauraan unase judi smrutiyon ka sthal hai.

Hajipur audyogik kshetr mein khaadi aur graamodyog ka kendreeya pooni sanyantr bhi hai, jahaaain khaadi vastr taiyaar kiye jaate hain. Bhagwan mahaaveer ka janm vaishaali ke vajjikul mein basokund basaadh gram mein hua tha. April ke madhya mein aayojit honevaale is raajakeeya utsav mein deshbhar ke sangeet aur kalaapremi hissa lete hain.

Bihar ki rajdhani Patna se judaav aur bhoogoleeya niktata ne yahaaain ki ghatnaaon aur avsaron ke mahattv ko kai guna badha diya hai. Hajipur me cinemagharon ki sankhya 5 hain.

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Hajipur se mujaffarapur tatha seetaamadhee hokar sonabarasa tak jaanevaali kilometer lambi sadak raashtreeya raajamaarg 77 hai. Hajipur ka saarvajanik yaataayaat mukhyat: bason, autorickshaw aur cycle riksha par aashrit hai. Delhi-Guwahati root par sthit rel laainein shahar ko chhapramujaffarapur aur barauni se jodti hai. Hajipur se Patna ko jodne ke liye nadi par pul ka nirmaan ho chuka hai, 8 August ko pul par engine pareekshan sampann hua, October mahina se is par savaari gaadi chalne lagi hai.

IndianKingfisherjet air, spaais jet tatha indigo ki udaanein DelhiKolkataGuwahati aur raaainchi ke liye upalabdh hain. Hajipur se taxi, bas ya auto dvaara havaai adda tak kabhi bhi jaaya ja sakta hai.

Hajipur Hajipur — shahar —. Hajipur me cinemagharon ki sankhya 5 hain national cinema ganesh cinema naveen cinema shankar cinema S aar S cinema. Delhi ke liye dibrugadh rajdhani expressgreebarath expressvaishaali expresssvatantrata senaani expresslichhavi expresssadbhaavana express,shaheed expresslohit expressaamrapaali express ke atirikt anya gaadiyaaain jaati hai. Kolkata ke liye baagh expresspoorvaanchal expressGorakhpur Kolkata expressbaliya siyaaladah express mumbai ke liye lokamaanya tilk express, lokamaanya janasaadhaaran express chennai ke liye : raapti saagar express Ahmedabad ke liye : saabaramati expressmujffarapur-Ahmedabad express Guwahati ke liye : dibrugadh rajdhani expressavadh-asaam expresslohit express Jammu ke liye amaranaath expresslohit express amrutasar ke liye greebarath expresssaharasa-amrutasar janasaadhaaran express, aamrapaali expressshaheed expresssarayoo-yamuna express raaainchi ke liye maurya expressPune ke liye darabhanga-Pune express tatha Ambala ke liye mujffarapur-anbaalaakaint express Hajipur hokar chalti hai.Log in to get trip updates and message other travellers.

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hajipur pul ki lambai

Hajipur, Patna India. Best nearby. Bansi Vihar. Biryani Mahal. Takht Sri Harmandir Sahib Ji. Hanuman Mandir. Buddha Smriti Park. Get to know the area. Enjoy the tour of historic Gurudwaras of Patna with us. In the evening, end the tour with witnessing a laser show on the life on Guru Gobind Singh at Mangal Talab one evening show per day, around pm.

Spend evening witness grandeur of lighted Harmandir Sahib Ji. Have dinner at place of choice. More info. Write a review. Traveller rating. Traveller type.

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